My Love-Hate Relationship with Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Getting noticed on Facebook is a losing game, unless you pay up.

Yesterday, I talked about getting your social media ducks in a row. Typically, these social media marketing conversations bring Facebook to mind as a first pick for starting your campaign. I want to change that.

Facebook isn't near the tool it used to be for reaching fans and generating sales...unless you plan on forking over some cash. Back in November of last year, Facebook pushed an update to change the frequency with which page posts appear in the newsfeed.

In other words, plain old posts from a Facebook page have a slim chance of meaningfully reaching your fans. The only way to get your message back on the newsfeed is through your wallet. I'm sure you've noticed the big, glaringly obvious "Boost" button on every single post you publish to your page. In case you didn't...see the plastering of sales buttons in the screenshot below. Overkill much?

Anyway, boost your post and you'll end up in front of your target audience again. Not interested in opening your pocketbook? You might as well be posting to yourself.

I can't entirely fault Facebook for this. After all, it did begin as a social network for college kids and charging businesses to promote themselves to the largest, most targetable audience in the world isn't obnoxious. They're in it for the money.

With all that said...publishing content from your website, regardless of whether or not huge numbers of people are viewing it, is still a good idea. With each link you push out, you're building external links from Facebook back to your website: good for bringing people to your site through search results.

Down the proverbial road, I'll take some time to explain how you can use Facebook Ads to promote your business. With Facebook, you have access to the most highly targeted audience in the world.

Only want to reach homeowners in their 30's with a pet and two kids who are also interested in owning a business? You can do that with Facebook.

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