Stop pointing ads to you home page. This is why you're failing at conversions.

You want to promote yourself. You decide to run ads. Your home page ends up serving as your landing page. Big no-no.

Aside from the fact that your home page is probably littered with distractions, every ad campaign needs highly specific landing pages in order to be successful.

If you're trying to gain subscribers, your home page might offer the option to subscribe, but it's also pointing people toward your blog, your products, your about page, your Facebook page; none of which, are solely focused on your goal of gaining subscribers.

If you want to sell your services, make selling your services the priority, the sole focus of your landing page.

Unfortunately, your home page isn't a universally efficient conversion machine. You home page is designed for sampling, it serves as a preview for everything you offer, not the single thing you're trying to promote through a marketing campaign.

The Value of Advertising-Specific Landing Pages

When you're running ads, you should do so with a single goal in mind and make that the sole focus of the page people see when they click on your ad.


If someone clicks on your ad that's trying to sell your new book, that's what they should see when they land on your site. When your landing page conveys exactly what your ad was promoting, visitors feel like they're in the right spot. They're less likely to hit the back button and more likely to dive into your page.

Your homepage might feature the book you're selling, but it's also presenting visitors with distractions that aren't geared toward book sales. Do you want the person you spent money to view your site reading the about page or completing a book purchase?

Reduce Page Load Time

Unless you're running an overly optimized website with page load times under a second, your home page is probably one of the slowest loading pages on your site. Long load times = high bounce rates.

With landing pages, you can do away with the unnecessary scripts and files that drag your site speed down. Only include design and script files that are required on your landing page and you can drastically reduce the time it takes for a browser to load the page. Getting a load time of under or near one second should become much simpler.

Laser Focused           

Your home page should never achieve the level of focus that a landing page can. Linking to your social profiles, your blog and showcasing some of your work is great on your home page, but when they appear on your ad campaign landing pages, they distract from the goal.

You don't need extra links, features and services on a landing page because it should always designed with a singular goal in mind. Everything on your landing page should seek to accomplish that goal and increase conversions.

Your Home Page Has It's Purposes. Advertising Isn't One Of Them

Let your home page do it's job as the information hub of your business. Create landing pages specifically designed to meet your advertising goals and you'll be rewarded with lower marketing costs, higher conversions and reduced customer acquisition costs.

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