Get Your Number in Your Customers Phones - Party Sales

Genius sales trick to add your phone number in customer contacts apps.

A few weeks ago I got my fill of Tastefully Simple treats and wine. Who doesn't love free food?

I've been to a few of these sales parties. Largely, they're all the same:

  • try product,
  • get the scripted run-down,
  • hand over your credit card.

Most of the sales reps I've met play a few games with the guests too. With this past one, I got all sales-marketing geeked out. For some free product, we were all asked to dial a number from our phones. Dial a number and get more free food? Little effort for a relatively large reward. Yes, I'm in.

Unbeknownst in the moment, it wasn't just any number we were dialing–we were calling the sales rep. The first person who connected the call won the giveaway (no, it wasn't me).

End result: The sales rep had very creatively gotten each of us to put her number in our phones.

"Save that number. Call/Text me whenever you run out of your favorite items."

Bam. Genius mix of sales, playfulness, and a tug at everyone's competitive nature.

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