Get Your Business Listed on Apple Maps

You won't be found on iOS devices unless you're listed on Apple Maps.

I've got no shame in admitting I'm an Apple addict, and as an avid user, I'll be the first to admit they've got their fair share of flaws. One of the most frustrating aspects of Apple is their maps service...

Anyone out there with an iPhone should feel my pain when it comes to searching for businesses through the native iOS maps app. The number of accurately listed businesses is crushed by the completeness of Google Maps. Siri becomes a near useless feature when searching for directions or nearby services.

That said, it's infinitely better than Google for the businesses that are indexed. Why? You've got far less competition for searches on Apple Maps. Their built-in app is the default for everything: directions, Siri, and local search. That means a majority of iOS users resort to Apple Maps for all of their local needs; they're either not aware they can download Google Maps or don't care to bother with it.

Last year, Apple finally opened their maps service up to business owners who can now claim or add their business. If you're running a brick and mortar location, it'd be in your best interest to make sure you're listed. The iOS community is enormous and unless you're only targeting Android users, not listing your business is like a guillotine to your local visibility.

Adding Your Business to Apple Maps

The process is fairly simple (you need a free Apple ID). Go to:

Login (or first create an account), search for your likely non-listed business, and click "Add New Business" or select the appropriate result that shows up in their search.

It'll ask you to verify some basic info and follow up with an automated call to verify your ability to make changes. Once your listing is added or updated, it could take up to a week for the changes to go live.

If something seems wrong with your submission, an Apple rep will contact you to verify additional details before publishing your business listing.

And that's that. 15 minutes later and you've just ensured you'll be visible to every iOS user searching within your vicinity.

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